Cap Com or Crap Com?

Lately I have been reading a lot about a new game that Cap Com has released  Called “Resident Evil Raccoon City. For the Xbox 360, and the PS3. This game was supposed to allow earlier Resident evil fans to “relive” some of their favorite moments of the classic games with better graphics and an all new untold story from the bad guys side. It also tried to bring in new fans by following the latest trend of action shooters. Which disheartened many fan’s because the earlier games were all about a “horror survival aspic of the game as well as puzzles. Which this game lacked much of. Many have argued that this game “spoon fed” the player every step of the way. Not only did it cause much grief in the way the game was created by how it was marketed! They released the game at the Usual retail price of 60$ Then not long after the game was released they began to make DLC (Downloadable content) Available for purchase and then did one more by give you the first download “free.” But here’s what actually happened. They took the disc and split it in half giving players only half the game they paid for. The other half they turned into DLC in which on must pay to purchase the rights to part of the game that is already preloaded into the disc! This is an all time and new low even for some video game companies. Many are so frustrated with this that they have gone as far as referring to Cap Com as “Crap com” and threatening to quit their beloved hobby of gaming all together. Over all I would rate this game as being 4 out of 10 stars in the worth buying category. 


Message to readers

With this blog I plan to write about the injustices that the gaming industry has been putting on loyal gamers as of late. i will tell readers of the many ways in which these companies one of the worst offenders being Cap com scam the buyer and even try to find ways to blame it on the buyers themselves!