Shogun Total War

Shogun Total War was released June 13th 2000. This game had more memory than many other PC games combined! In short nothing less than a true gaming PC was going to be able to run this at full graphics and even then it would be a strain on your computer system. This is a turn based RTS game in which one controls dark age Japan with armies of samurai. Just imagine as the game loads and you find your self in control of an ancient japanies city building communities, armies, forging trading between other warlords, and even hiring ninja’s for sabatog and assassination.  This game was nothing short of amazing with hundreds of possible hours of different and unique gaming options. Just imagine as your army comes on to the field and you movie toward the enemy castle. Your troops are scaling the walls, as the enemy archers fire down upon your ever advancing troops. Some of your men break moral and begin to run when your general mounted on horse back rides in and rallies your troops and they finally scale the wall each unit entering unique combat between the enemy troops. I’d give it 8.5 out of 10 stars and recommend it highly!.


Blog Craft

Mine Craft is finally here for the Xbox! It was released May 9th 2012. Since then millions have downloaded one of the most successful PC games in recent times on to their console. It was released as a download for about 20$ which is an amazing buy I my self would have been willing to pay 40$ for a full game. It did unfortunately only come with a limited early version of the game but with promise of future updates. Which I am assuming to be free. 4 person co op is a bit of a pain if one does not have the right cables. But this game does offer the necessary mine craft experiences it also makes the game much easier by “auto crafting” for players a much welcomed reprieve for some players including my self. Who would constantly find my self on wiki craft looking up how to do and or make things. Over all this game met just about everything I could have asked for! I give it 7 and a half out of 10 stars for price and game worth. It is a must for any creative, hipster, and other players. Even those who just like to try something new.